Rubber Show And Tell

Release Year: 2020

If you are thinking about acquiring some heavy rubber gear, this video might provide some helpful information. Our friend Onyx brought some of his gear for us to see, including some heavy rubber hoods and suits from StudioGum and Latex-Maske, and a unique heavy rubber 'Sarcophagus' made by RubbersFinest in Germany.

In this 5-Part 70 minute video, Onyx shows Elise Graves and I a selection of his rubber suits and hoods. Besides the assortment of StudioGum gear, one suit has prickly spikes inside, and another hood is setup to hold video goggles inside. But the most eye-popping piece of gear is the inflatable 'Sarcophagus' from RubbersFinest in Germany. This piece is made of extremely thick rubber and the seams are reinforced with rubber covered metal bands. The inflatable hood that comes with Sarcophagus is equally as intense and has the same metal reinforcement bands. The idea is to keep the outside layers of rubber from expanding, which turns the internal expanding rubber inward as the Sarcophagus and hood are inflated.

Heavy rubber is an extreme fetish and an acquired taste. It's unusual and can be quite bizarre, which is part of it's attraction. Personally, I like the bizarre aspect, and knowing that I'm inside, and that it's usually inescapable. I also like the cocooning feeling, like I'm protected from the outside world.

In addition to all the rubber we looked at, Onyx showed us the large containers of liquid silicone that he uses to mix his own silicone lube. We discuss the mixing ratios and where to buy the silicone. These are the industry secrets that you don't normally hear.

Format: mkv (Matroska)
Duration: 45:28
Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264)

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