Wonderfull Perfect Nice Collection Of Natsy Rubber Girls. Part 3.

Release Year: 2020
Video language: English

Rubbertanja changed name to Natsyrubbergirl. when they started with their new concept, they overlaped some of the videos from Rubbetanja. The only thing they changed was the logo watermark at the lower right edge of the videos. So essentially a part of the videos this pack are the same videos as the videos from Rubbertanja

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Saturday day 2 - The Boundcon bondage convention happens each year, in May, in Munich Germany. The SeriousBondage Institute attended the event in the early part of 2016 with a group of 20 or so friends from various countries like Scotland, UK, USA, Australia and the Netherlands. Since our group was so big we were spread between three hotels so we setup a WhatsApp texting group so we could keep track of everyone.

The organizer of Boundcon gave us a booth so we could do bondage demonstrations and entertain the attendees. Not only did we entertain the attendees, but we entertained ourselves as well. We brought some bondage gear with us, but I think the biggest hit was the two fiberglass castings we did. One was a full-body cast which we rolled around the convention on a cart, and the second cast was a full-body mummy on the table in our booth. Both of these castings attracted a lot of attention. I hope we earned out keep.

The three videos in this update covers Saturday Day-2 of this three day event. The event ran Friday through Sunday. Luckily we had made hotel reservations in advance, since the primary hotel had completely sold out.

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Rubber Pool

This three-part video features our 2016 Rubber Pool Party. Each year many of our friends come to San Francisco to attend the Folsom Street Fair. The day after the fair we have our pool party and each year more of our friends attend. This is our third Rubber Pool Party and we are starting to get the hang of it. The idea is to invite friends who own unusual and bizarre rubber gear and have everyone show up at the same place and time. It also helps if the day is hot and sunny.

This year we had a lot of cool gear including inflatable suits and bags from Rubbers Finest and Studio Gum, and three gas-masks which were hooked to scuba tank air for everyone to try. There were twenty or so people in all, and everyone tried on everything which was really fun. If you have never been in a swimming pool in your rubber, you need to try it at least once. It's a fantastic experience. In addition to all the rubber we had a few guys in SteelWerks chastity devices, and some women in stainless steel bondage and chastity gear. We also had our friend Strap Wizard restrain himself in a wheelchair in the pool! All in all, everyone had a good time. We can't wait to see who - and what - will show up next year. This update includes 3 videos and 98 still images. Enjoy!

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Miraidouga Videos Part 17

Hpsart was one of the leading Japanese Jav fetish video producers. Resent productions is however prodused by Miraidouga & Future-road. They produce all sort of fetish content movies, but sadly all these movies are censured. In some of the movies the models is wearing latex, rubber, spandex and shiny catsuits to bypass the censure. The videos I have added in this pack contains

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